Through this project, we have been focusing on certain problem and demographic that is affected by Chlamydia the most , in our community. Our how might question is , How might we prevent the spread of Chlamydia in African American women in Metro Atlanta? This has been the drive of our project
Our solution to this issue is to Make a pill that is “one and down”,and what we mean by this is a pill that you only have to take one time and it will cure your Chlamydia infection. This pill consists of the same medicine as regular Chlamydia treatment but a higher ( still safe) dosage.
This was the best solution for us because it immediately fought and cured Chlamydia. We thought, since we are trying to prevent the spread of Chlamydia, it would be best to cure the women who have Chlamydia. In 2016 , Fulton county alone had over 7,000 cases of Chlamydia.
In 2016 in Fulton county there was a large percentage of the women in that county was affected by chlamydia.Stopping the wide spread also curing chlamydia is what we are trying to solve. Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease. There are many symptoms that come with having chlamydia like itching , burning , vaginal and penile discharge is yellow , and also pain in the abdomen. Among women chlamydia is a problem.To solve this problem we have decided to create a pill that gets rid of chlamydia and also its only a one step process . The pill will only have to be taken once and your infectious disease is gone . The pill prevents you from having to taking any antibiotic every day for two weeks. The name of our pill is called " project C".